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Where do you find a Korean taco in Carlisle? Short answer: You don’t.

I drove 226 miles round trip to eat a Korean taco out of the side of a truck. 

You could probably calculate my stupidity in light of gas prices, but you can’t tell me I lack dedication.  And I can definitely tell you that my pilgrimage to dine on food from the Takorean truck in Washington D.C. was worth every, single mile.

You just don’t get this kind of food truck food in my neck of Central PA.  Yes, we do have Redd’s Smokehouse, a great South Carolina BBQ truck situated on North Hanover Street in Carlisle, but it’s stationary. 

Part of the fun of the more mobile units is figuring out where they will be on any given day. 

My co-pilgrim today was fellow tech journalist turned food writer Amy Rogers Nazarov.  Amy lives in DC and scoped out where the truck was supposed to be at noon (the corner of Virginia and 20th). 

But after we both miraculously found parking spots in the neighborhood, and then managed to find each other (in spite of only meeting once before, at the 1996 Interop trade show in Las Vegas when we covered Microsoft for competing publications), the truck was simply not there.

Neither of us own a smart phone (yes we KNOW!! We pledged to upgrade into the 21st when our plans change this summer).  But we DO both know the lovely Olga from Mango & Tomato, and she always seems to have a line to Twitter.  She directed us to Franklin Park and McPherson in 10 seconds flat.  It took 10 minutes to relocate, but that gave 25 other people time to get in line before us.  

It was a chatty crowd that waited very patiently as the spent cherry blossoms floated down all around us.  The guy in line behind us took our photo for posterity (and yes, social networking purposes) and suggested a loaded bulgogi.

We spent a few moments catching up on who in the tech world we still keep tabs on, and before we knew it, we were choosing between tacos with various combinations of beef, chicken, cilantro, sesame seeds, lime crema, sriracha and kim chi.

We landed on a park bench, saw the sun peek through the clouds (if only for a very brief moment), and together shared three tacos, lamenting that we should have ordered three more. 

I guess that means we’ll be back.

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2 Responses to “Where do you find a Korean taco in Carlisle? Short answer: You don’t.”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    YUM!! what a great adventure. This is how food brings people together — even when they have only met once b/f.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Okay – so this has nothing to do with this great adventure you were on… but I want to tell your readers that you are a celebrity!! Check out this article by the Harrisburg paper featuring Christine and her lamb for Easter! A super star!!!!

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