Remaking Christine

42, jobless, standing in the kitchen

Glistening duck fat: desirable or disaster?

| January 15, 2011

I am not afraid duck fat.  I adore duck fat. I just had my hubby bring me several jars off it from England where it’s a grocery store staple commonly used for fabulously crispy roasted potatoes. But the amount of fat attached to my duck prosciutto, I must admit, caught me off guard. On Day [...]

There is a good reason for that breast in my basement

| January 5, 2011

My breast is wrapped in cheese cloth, hanging in the dark, damp side of the cellar on a hook directly in front of a bear’s bum sticking out of a honey tree. Should I have been clearer about my imagery here? Ok, for those of you with overactive sexual imaginations, let me explain. The bear’s [...]